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Proposal Automation Software...

That wins.

Respond to RFPs in minutes, without sacrificing quality. Bidify is the highest quality proposal automation software on the market. Bidify is for all levels of RFP responders - from CEOs, to Marketing Managers, to Proposal Writers.

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Proposal Automation

RFPs are a problem. Bidify is the solution.

RFPs are one of the best ways to stack up revenue, but they are time consuming and stressful. Lots of work, lots of requirements, lots of pressure.

Bidify cuts through it all with automated proposals, including built in proposal management and content management. Bidify learns with time, creating a smart library so you can draft tailormade responses to each individual RFP with unique requirements.

Save Countless Hours on RFPs with 10x Productivity

Bidify saves you a LOT of time. Bidify automatically drafts your outline, builds your smart library, and writes proposals for you. Not just any proposals - bespoke winning proposals for each unique RFP.

Reduce Your Workload...
and Stress Less

No more 20 hour RFPs projects. No more missing deadlines. No more missing RFP requirements. No more worrying about the quality of your proposal. Bidify has you covered so you can RELAX.

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Win More RFPs.
Win More Revenue.

The goal? Win more RFPs, with proposal automation. Bidify uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) with over 40 processes happening in the background as it parses your RFP, extracts requirements, and drafts a winning proposal.

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Bridgette L, CA

“Bidify saves me countless hours while ensuring I put out quality proposals. Bidify is truly a game changer for our team."

Ready to Start Winning?

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