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How it works

Upload Content

Effortlessly integrate RFP projects with past proposals in seconds. Bidify learns from your existing content and automatically parses RFPs to draft winning outlines.

RFP proposal upload Bidify
RFP proposal outline Bidify

Confirm Outline

Sit back while Bidify generates an editable outline based on RFP requirements. Simply review and confirm the outline and you're halfway there!

Answer Questions

Answer a few RFP-related questions so Bidify can learn how to respond to RFPs for you. Then prepare to experience the highest quality proposal automation on the market.

Bidify proposal questions for RFP automation
Bidify final AI proposal

Finalize Proposal

Witness the magic as Bidify swiftly generates comprehensive, professional-grade proposals. After some quick edits you're ready to go win that RFP!

Welcome to the Interactive Tour

Bidify is an intuitive proposal automation software for companies that pursue RFPs as a source of revenue. Bidify enables you to automate your RFP process, helping you boost your RFP wins. To learn more, start by clicking the welcome box below. Follow the highlighted boxes through the tour to see how Bidify makes RFPs a breeze. Enjoy!


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