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You've got questions?
We've got answers.
  • How do I calculate ROI?
    Hard way: Quantify winning more RFPs + saving your team time + fewer errors + more productivity. Then, subtract the cost of all RFP software + employing your RFP team + training that team. Then use this formula: ROI = (Total Benefits - Total Costs) / Total Costs x 100 Easy way: Simply check out our ROI calculator here!
  • Can Bidify replace my proposal team?
    In theory? Yes. However, having someone who knows what to look for in an outline while knowing your business enough to answer some critical questions is crucial. Whoever is using Bidify should also be prepared to read and edit the final proposal. This is something anyone can learn which makes Bidify appealing to all. Just remember - the better the input the better the output. Think of Bidify as a proposal writer that works for YOU. Provide Bidify the things it needs and answer some questions so it can write a great proposal for you.
  • What can Bidify do?
    What CAN'T Bidify do! In all seriousness... Bidify automates a lot of things: 1. Proposal management becomes automatic with Bidify's categorical sorting ability. 2. Heavy manual work around building a content library is so 2023. Bidify automatically creates a dynamic smart library based on a single past proposal. 3. Bidify has the most automated process available for proposals. The proposal outline and corresponding questions about the RFP are generated automatically. After the questions, Bidify automatically drafts the highest-quality proposals on the market. 4. Bidify automatically fills forms for you where possible and has an e-signature function. Additionally it will carry over graphics, tables, and images from your previous content (coming soon).
  • Who uses Bidify?
    Bidify is suitable for all industries and roles, whether you are a Proposal Writer or a CEO. A few examples of industries using Bidify: EdTech Marketing Agencies Staffing Agencies Healthcare Consulting Construction And much more!
  • How long does it take to set up?
    You can start using Bidify today, and here is a realistic scenario: 30 minute onboarding call 10 minutes uploading content and reviewing the outline 60 minutes on the questions phase (this gets shorter with time as Bidify learns more about your organization) 30 minutes reviewing and finalizing your proposal before submitting 2 hours? Not so bad. Keep in mind the first one is the most difficult. You can realistically spend less than an hour per proposal once you get set up. We're also continually improving generation speed and decreasing user interaction to reduce this time.
  • What makes Bidify different?
    Every RFP tool on the market requires the user to write the proposal, prompts, or questions so the tool can expand. The content produced is not very specific and this results in poor proposal quality. Generic proposals don't win. Bidify starts with a strong foundation by generating a high-quality outline based on the RFP, while giving the user full control on which sections to include. Bidify parses the RFP and provides questions to the user to create hyper-specific content that reflects your value props and voice. Bidify has over 50 steps happening in the background to fully automate proposal generation.
  • What happens to my data? Is Bidify safe with confidential information?
    At Bidify, we take our users' data privacy very seriously. Our customers deserve to use a safe and trusted platform, and that's exactly what we provide. Below is an overview to Bidify Information Security Practices: Minimum permission model Bidify employees and administrative users are only granted the permissions needed to do their job, and don’t have access to data or systems not required for their job duties. Permission grants are reviewed at least once per quarter and whenever a personnel change occurs. Data transport security Bidify only accepts and transmits customer data, either externally or internally, over secure, encrypted transports such as HTTPS. In the browser, Bidify implements standard security measures including CORS, CSRF prevention, securely signed cookies, and extensive data validation. Customer data isolation Bidify implements strict isolation for customer data throughout our software stack, including at the database level. Recurring code audits and explicit measures in our software development practice ensure customer data is not exposed to other customers. Employee security training All Bidify employees undergo bi-annual training covering anti-phishing, data security, recognition and handling of PII, and secure password practices. Software engineers additionally engage in regular security education. Routine vulnerability patching Bidify monitors several industry sources for security issues and patches concerning our software stack. We apply recommended patches and upgrades on an rolling basis as necessary. You may also visit our privacy policy at
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