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RFP proposal generation tool
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Use Bidify to win more RFPs and grow your revenue!

Quality Proposals, Every Time

Bid goodbye to generic responses. Our AI-driven system crafts proposals that reflect your voice and expertise, resulting in consistently high-quality submissions.

Save More Time

Reclaim countless hours with automated RFP processes. Empower your team to concentrate on strategic tasks, while our platform handles the heavy lifting.

Pursue More Revenue

Effortlessly pursue a greater volume of RFPs, without sacrificing proposal quality or straining your teams. 10x your proposal capacity without increasing the size of your team.

Maximize your RFP success today!

How it woks home


Upload Content

Effortlessly integrate RFP projects with past proposals in seconds. Bidify learns from your existing content and automatically parses RFPs to draft winning outlines.

RFP proposal upload Bidify
RFP proposal outline Bidify

Confirm Outline

Sit back while Bidify generates an editable outline based on RFP requirements. Simply review and confirm the outline and you're halfway there!

Answer Questions

Answer a few RFP-related questions so Bidify can learn how to respond to RFPs for you. Then prepare to experience the highest quality proposal automation on the market.

Bidify proposal questions for RFP automation
Bidify final AI proposal

Finalize Proposal

Witness the magic as Bidify swiftly generates comprehensive, professional-grade proposals. After some quick edits you're ready to go win that RFP!


Calculate your ROI with Bidify

Enter your details to see how Bidify pays for itself.
RFP AI for proposal generation

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